Our expert snowmobiling coaches have been sledding since the early ’90s. You can trust them to give you a safe and exciting experience, whether you are a beginner to the sport or a more seasoned enthusiast.

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John Lee

Coach, Owner

Ride Elevated

Riding since 1992, John is a former racer with the Utah snowcross circuit and RMSHA.  He holds Utah snow coach certifications as well as avalanche awareness certifications.  John is an owner of Skyline Motorsports and Storage and Ride Elevated.

David Lee

Coach, Owner


Dave has been snowmobiling since he was young and loves to snowmobile his way into the backcountry. His knowledge and skills of the area make can make it one of the most enjoyable times on the mountain. He is excited to bring people into the area and show them how enjoyable a snowmobile can be!
Dave is our forklift, when we get stuck he can pull you out.  You always want to ride with someone that can lift you out of a hole.
Dave is an owner of Skyline Motor Sports and Storage and Ride Elevated.

Tyler Schlappi


Tyler has a Bachelor’s degree in outdoor recreational management with an emphasis in outdoor leadership.  He is an avid snowmobiler since childhood and an aggressive rider.  Tyler is also a high school basketball coach.

Cade Beck

cade snow

Owner of Snow Big Deal, experienced mountain rider and avalanche expert.  He loves to take people out that have never ridden in our area before and show them the highlights.  It’s good to have someone along that can read the snow conditions so everyone comes home safe every time.