Our number one focus is for you to have fun safely and to improve your riding skills.  The clinics will be set up on an as-needed basis.  We want you to work your sled, not the other way around.

The first half-hour of riding, we will analyze your abilities and decide what skills will be most helpful to you and the majority of the group. We will concentrate on balance, weight shift, downhill control, side hill control, boondocking, and navigation.

Lessons on avalanche awareness, beacon use and safety equipment will be required and provided by our staff.

Sample Itinerary:

    • The evening of your arrival we will have a meet and greet.  You will have some time to get to know our staff and those that will be taking care of you.  We will take some time here to make sure you have the clothing and accessories needed for the next day of riding.We can have a meal catered or have one of our cooks prepare a country style meal.  Then be sure to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll want the energy for the next day.
    • Carving the Powder

      Carving the Powder

        • Breakfast is on your own.  The Home Plate Diner is a good choice.
        • 9:00 am:  A short avalanche training.
        • 9:30 am:  Head up the mountain, unload the sleds and do a final check to make sure everyone has what they need for the day, this will include plenty of water and energy snacks. We will also do a short training so you don’t burn a belt or hit a tree right off the bat.  The faster this goes the sooner we get on the snow.
        • Next is an “on the snow” beacon find and avalanche awareness course.  We will simulate a lost rider and ask you to find the beacon.
        • If this is the first time you have ridden with us, we will take some time here to put you through a little course to help us analyze your abilities.  This will not take long.  We will then choose the best terrain for your abilities that is not only safe but challenging.  We don’t want you to be afraid of getting stuck.  If you don’t get stuck, you haven’t been snowmobiling.
        • IMG_0205

          Parker trying out the HCR

        • 12:00 noon:  Lunch.  We can make you a sack lunch or you can prepare one for yourself before we leave town.
        • After lunch we will ride in more and more challenging areas until the sun goes down or we are too tired to go any more.  During this time you can experience many of the after market products available to snowmobilers and get a feel for what you like the best.
        • About 4:00 pm we will be heading down the mountain.
        • 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm will be free time.
        • 6:30 pm:  Dinner.  You have a couple choices here.  There is a very good little home style diner within walking distance, we have Mexican, Italian, or Deli sandwiches catered.  Upon request, we can have a cook on location to serve you a country-style meal.  You can also cook for yourself, if you want, in the full kitchen.
        • 8:00 pm:  We can watch some video of your day of snowmobiling, play games in the game room or watch a rented movie and relax.

        This is a basic schedule and can be adjusted to fit your needs.