Come Ride with Us!


You never see a motorcycle in front of a psychiatrist’s office. Its the same for a snowmobile during the winter. There is nothing like carving through a foot of fresh powder with the throttle pinned. On a snowmobile, the freedom you feel is unparalleled. You can go as fast as you want and wherever you have the ability to go.

There is nothing like enjoying the beautiful scenery at 10,000 feet. Heaven is white and so are the mountains in its pristine winter glory.

Ride Elevated is committed to accelerating your snowmobiling ability in a fun, professional manner. Whatever your riding level, we are here to help you advance in a sport that can last a lifetime.

The Manti La Sal range is a snowmobiler’s playground with large open playground meadows for beginners and steep wooded slopes for the more experienced rider.  Ride Elevated is located at the base of the Manti-La Sal National Forest, and only a short drive from the SLC Airport. From the retreat lodge we can be at 10,000 feet in 10 minutes.

Ride Elevated